For a life without coal

The local Greenpeace group from Upper Lausitz, together with many inhabitants of the region and more, want to stand up for a colorful and vibrant Euroregion Neisse on September 18, 2021 from 12.00 noon. We will be demonstrating at the tripoint on the German side for a diverse and carbon-free life. Speakers will show us how much is already working and is practically implemented in other places. Since we are not at the beginning, much has happened. There are companies and communities that are already implementing what is often only talked about in politics. Structural change is not only a challenge but also a great opportunity to change for the better.

We call on people to stand up for our region, where the water scarcity is particularly dramatic in Czech Republic. At the same time, on the German and Polish side the price we pay for coal power generation has been very high for a long time: it is a matter of health damage, high CO2 emissions, water scarcity, pollution of the Neisse River, soil degradation, destruction of buildings and loss of cultural space. Of course, this does not apply only to Turów nor only to Poland. There is an urgent need to take action with regard to other power plants in Germany and the Czech Republic and on a global level.

We want a clear rejection of coal and support for alternatives. We want the Euro-Neisse region to be livable. The phase-out of coal in Germany must be accelerated from 2038 to 2030. Otherwise, a large part of Germany’s CO2 budget will already have been used.

A program such as live music, a human chain, food, drinks, information booths and also an art exhibit on the subject will be provided to entertain participants. We would welcome lively participation to underscore the urgency of this issue. 

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Our organizations jointly counteract the expansion of the open-cast Turów lignite mine in Poland for the benefit of local communities, nature and climate. We support civic activities undertaken by the international community at the interface of the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. We strive to make the lignite-dependent Bogatynia enter the path of energy transition as well as economic and social transformation.

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